Danube Limes Project


Since archaeological research started, a large number of Roman Limes sites were excavated, recorded and partly preserved. They form the single largest cultural heritage monument across Europe from Scotland to the Black Sea.

In 2005 a newly created World Heritage Site "Frontiers of the Roman Empire" was set up as a serial phased UNESCO site; this implicates that individual countries sharing a section of the Roman Limes, can join step by step. Three significant artificial barriers are already inscribed as WHS (Hadrian’s Wall/UK, 1987; Upper German-Raetian Limes /DE, 2005; Antonine Wall/UK, 2008). Now Hungary and Slovakia decided to nominate their monuments, which are part of the Danube Limes.

While the three already inscribed Limes sections (UK, D) are artificial frontiers characterized by a connecting wall line, the Danube Limes Project deals with the development of a river frontier which runs from Bavaria/DE to Romania. The nomination of the river frontier requires specific measures for the definition, protection and preservation.

Published: www.danube-limes.eu

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